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Many people have been using software tools to design their circuits. These tools are fast and easy to use, but they don't offer a lot of flexibility or power. They can be a huge help if you have limited skills but no time for the learning curve associated with creating something from scratch. The PC SCHEMATIC Automator Tool is a circuit "schematic" that will allow you to create your own circuits quickly and easily, then connect them together into an infinite number of complex structures without ever having to use hand sketches again. Use the PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool for three primary purposes:If you need to draw PCB layout but don't have the skills or tools, the PC-SCHEMATIC Automator tool offers a unique method for creating normalized, assembled PCB layouts with all components, breadboards and wires ready to go.The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool is created by PC Electronics Design Systems (PCDAS), based in Singapore. It was developed to meet the needs of people who want to create a circuit without hand drawing each component or drawing a schematic diagram. The tool is field-tested with a large number of circuit experts from around the world which ensures its reliability and robustness. The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool offers a unique method for creating normalized, assembled PCB layouts with all components, breadboards and wires ready to go. And with a comprehensive feature set including:The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tools, along with the Video Components Library, Video Components Description Library and RGB RGBN Video Driver Software will be available as a "Kit" at the time of release to those who wish to purchase these utilities prior to having them installed on their own machines. The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool is a Windows based tool that was developed to work on all Windows platforms, including:The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool is a licensed software product and requires the purchase of a license to use. Pricing will be announced at the time of release. The PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tool will also be sold through online retailers such as:PreOrder prices - $79.95 USD (plus S/H) for immediate entry into the Beta testing program and access to the PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tools and Video Components Library 1.0. 9.9 prior to a public release. At the time of the official release date of the PC-SCHEMATIC Automator Tools, Video Components Library and RGB RGBN Video Driver Software, pricing will be announced and the PreOrder price will be adjusted to a full retail price. All customers who have purchased at the Beta Testing PreOrder prices will have lifetime upgrades included in their purchase which means their version of these utilities will always remain current for future product enhancements without additional costs. Thomas Nelson is a freelance author from New Zealand with almost two decades of experience in software development and a long history working with electronics. Current major interests include Arduino, embedded systems and electronics hacking in general. 8eeb4e9f32 54

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